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Hailey, It Happens are an electronic music duo from Boston, MA who have been friends and collaborators since they were 13 years old.

Bob DiBari composes the band’s atmospheric soundscapes. Chris Cleary provides the vocals. Together they create the band’s intricate arrangements and bring sincerity and depth of feeling to their lyrics. Two and a half years after their last EP Under the Brilliant Lights, the band are ready to release Hailey, It Happens, their second full-length. Recorded during time stolen between full-time jobs as an accountant and a teacher, the record chronicles 36 consequential months in the duo’s lives.

Between the first session with veteran producer Jon Taft (The Saddest Landscape, Bearstronaut, Morne) and the last layered harmony, songs about girlfriends became songs about fiancés and then wives. Songs were informed by visiting places all over the world. The muse for songs of hurt and goodbye on past records became the inspiration for new songs about a blossoming relationship. And during every break between fevered writing and recording sessions, the face of the music world changed, and these two music obsessives listened to, absorbed and repurposed a whole world of new sounds into their own aesthetic.

Whether studying old favorites like Bruce Hornsby and Phil Collins, falling in love with the atmosphere created by Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and M83, marveling at the simplicity of Ryan Adams’ song structures, or picking up new inspirations from SBTRKT, Daft Punk, Purity Ring and a host of other artists, their passion for the music around them bled into these songs that were still entirely their own distinct creation. The end result was such a personal document that the only possible name could be self-titled, an announcement to the world of who they are and who they want to be.





Praise for Under
the Brilliant Lights


“…an unqualified triumph… a sonic palette that sounds more lush that it probably has any right to… a stirring and touching collection of songs… these stories are worth listening to over and over again”

Craig Manning


“They have truly outdone themselves with Under the Brilliant Lights. We had the fortune of hearing the album in its entirety at the beginning of the week and have since found ourselves revisiting its warm, often romantic embrace several times since”

James Shotwell
(Under the Gun Review)


“Boston based electronic rockers Hailey, It Happens reveal their dream laced, mellow electro rock sound on their latest LP titled "Under the Bright Lights"…its hypnotic rhythms and swooning keyboard textures…really make this album worth listening to.”

— Pete


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Album Credits:

Release Date: 12/02/2016
Hailey, It Happens is:
Bob DiBari - Keyboards and Programming
Chris Cleary - Vocals, Guitar
Additional Musicians:
Brian Kearsley - saxophone on “27”
Ross Hill - trumpet on “Dreaming”
Ian Kennedy - violins on “Sunshine”
Chad Perrone - guest vocal on ‘Thousand Mile Reach”
Maddy Chase - guest vocal on “Dreaming”
Bob Cleary - backing vocals on “Dreaming” and “27”
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Jon Taft at New Alliance Studios, Cambridge
Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East
Album Art by Mario Fasolo
Music and lyrics by Bob DiBari Except “And Roses”, “Thousand Mile Reach”, “Mill Street”, “Heat” and “27” music by Bob DiBari and lyrics by Chris Cleary
And “Miracle” music by Bob DiBari and Chris Cleary and lyrics by Chris Cleary
All songs arranged by Bob DiBari and Chris Cleary
Website and Logo by Mario Fasolo
Promo pictures by Stephanie DiBari